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Dedicated to Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and Sir Thomas More

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Two men in history, literature and fandom, united and divided by a king -- Henry Tudor:

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and Sir Thomas More

One would be vilified by history, the other sainted. Both were probably misunderstood. This community celebrates our fascination with these two giants, the true victims of Henry Tudor's love for Anne Boleyn and break with the Catholic Church.

"Had I but served my God with half the zeal I served my king, he would not in mine age Have left me naked to mine enemies." -Wolsey in Shakespeare's King Henry VIII

"I die his majesty's good servant, but God's first." Sir Thomas More in "A Man for All Seasons"

Share your opinions, your knowledge, your questions, your art, your fanfic and whatever else you'd like to share about Wolsey and/or More. And feel free to be irreverent and even salacious, in keeping with our 16th Century subjects.

Please put long entries (including fiction and/or historical text) and large images behind an LJ cut.

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