Fic: Displacement, Henry/More, 1/1

Fic: Displacement, Henry/More, 1/1
Title: Displacement
Author: Gigi Sinclair
Pairing: King Henry VIII/Sir Thomas More; various canon pairings
Rating: R (for naughty thoughts)
Notes: I've posted a couple of Compton/Tallis pieces over at thetudors_fic but since this is a non-canon slash pairing, I thought it was better off here. (Crossposted from thetudors_slash.)

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Anniversary of Thomas More's Execution

Today is the 472nd anniversary of Sir Thomas More's execution. In his last letter to his daughter Margaret, he wrote: "Tomorrow long I to go to God. It were a day very meet and convenient for me."

Here are some famous lines often quoted from More's trip to the scaffold:

"See me safe up: for my coming down, I can shift for myself." (Used in 'Anne of the Thousand Days')

"This hath not offended the king." (Referring to his beard, I believe, which he declared innocent of any crime and positioned away from the ax.)

"I die his majesty's good servant, but God's first." (Used in 'A Man for All Seasons')

He was originally sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered, but in the end Henry commuted his sentence to simple beheading, supposedly in recognition of the services More had previously rendered. (Maybe because he had been one of the king's closest friends!)

After spending a month displayed on London Bridge, More's head was rescued by his daughter, Margaret Roper, and buried in the Roper family vault in St. Dunstan's Church in Canterbury. He also has a tomb in the crypt of the Anglican chapel in the Tower of London (where his body was buried). The crypt is closed to the public, but I found at least one Catholic blogger who had gotten permission to see it and had taken a photo. This fellow was outraged that the "Protestants have never given him back" and retain possession of the saint's remains.